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ECX Taxi

So that a simples ride doesn't become a marathon.

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Eu Entrego

The easiest way to send or search anything from anywhere.

What have we done

Android Development Web Responsive Development

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Ganhe ne Tela

Unlock your phone, get the announcement and receive refill money.

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Me Salva

Classes that are worth being watched.

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Meet new people, discover the night and go party.

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Jurídico Correspondentes

The biggest platform for correpondents in Brazil

What have we done

Android Development UI and UX Design

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April, 2015
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Clear up your doubts with radiologists through your smartphone

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Um Sábado Qualquer

God walking hand in hand with humour

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Reclame Aqui

Check out the reputation os cities, businesses and public services.

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The solution for the recording of your camera.

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A tool to control and manage your cattle.

What have we done

Android Development UI and UX Design

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January, 2015
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Sedep FAZ

Tracking of law suits and juridical publications.

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Paper made advantage cards? Bonuz brings them into your phone.

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Daybook LD

Social Diet App, concept created by Lucilia Diniz.

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Helps you with your day to day treatments or to keep up with healthy habits.

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Tip U

Share good moments and get rewards.

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The app that connects the truck driver to the load.

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Freight offers from all over the world with messages on your phone.

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PicShare Sports

Pick a sportive event, take a custom picture and share it!

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Diário da Boléia

Free system for drivers to register their journey.

What have we done

Android Development

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March, 2013
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Your personal assistant to reach a healthy diet, without any worry.

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Grupo Feitosa

Read the newspaper A Crítica and access Grupo Feitosa's radios.

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