Agile Design and Development

Weekly delivery results, teams of two

We are app specialists

We are app specialists

Why choose Jera?

We make apps every single day

You can have a team of app specialists who keep up with the latest technology, as well as behavior and User eXperience trends. Our teams meet weekly to discuss how to create better products and improve our processes.

On schedule and budget

More than 80% of our projects end within the planned schedule and budget. From the first contact until the product launch, our processes are designed and improved to reduce risk and get better at predicting delivery.

We work with your team

We know that sooner or later our clients will have their own development team. That's the reason we are transparent about our process and usually team up with our client's developers, designers and partners.

Our employee turnover is minimal

We learn about your bussiness during the development. Our teams are always formed by 2 people and it's extremely rare for them to leave us. The original team will still be here when you decide to release new versions of your product.

We value design

Design goes beyond the appearance. When facing a problem we see design as the best solution to think outside the box and be free of dogma. A good design is the perfect way to exceed app users' expectations.

We are pretty effective

We deliver the results in half the time a recently assembled team would. Our team already knows the best problem solving techniques. After all they work together making several diffent types of apps on a daily basis.

Advising on your business

We believe that we aren't hired only to develop. It's in our DNA to question and participate in your business conception. We offer insights thinking as a founder, as a client and as an app user.

Focus on customer success

Customer presence is the main factor of any software project success. Our processes are designed to promote customer success through clear and effective communication.

Our services

App Design and Development requires a lot of competencies. Our team can be hired at the exact moment you need us. Check out our services:


Information Architecture, User eXperience (UX), user interface (UI) design

iOS Development

Native apps for iPhone and iPad using Objective-C/Swift in Xcode

Android Development

Native apps for Android smartphones and tablets using Java in Android Studio

Windows Phone Development

Native apps for Windows Phone using C# in Visual Studio IDE

Web Responsive Apps

Ruby on Rails Web Apps and JavaScript Single Page Applications

Backend/API Development

Ruby on Rails and Node.js API development, and backoffice web apps


Server dimensioning and configuration on Amazon AWS

Hosting and Monitoring

Shared hosting, support and monitoring

Check out some of our work

Ganhe ne Tela

Unlock your phone, get the announcement and receive refill money.

Ganhe ne Tela Screenshot

Um Sábado Qualquer

God walking hand in hand with humour

Um Sábado Qualquer Screenshot
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